Little Hunnys Cakery has been featured in:

-The Bridal Bar 10/9/2013

-Green Wedding Shoes 10/17/2013

-On The Go Bride 11/5/2014

-Cake Masters Magazine (Pages 3 & 75) 1/1/2015

-Ruffled Blog 5/21/2015

-Cake Masters Magazine (Page 12) 6/1/2015

-Ah-ha! Rancho Santa Fe News 8/18/2015

-Wedding Chicks 8/18/2015

-Cake Masters Magazine (Page 43) 9/1/2015

-Friar Tux Blog (Bohemian Seaside Daydream) 9/4/2015

-The Escondido Grapevine 9/25/2015

-Friar Tux Blog (Lucky in Love) 10/2/2015

-Green Wedding Shoes 12/23/2015

-Burnett's Boards 3/25/2016

-Cake Masters Magazine (Page 40) 4/1/2016

-Friar Tux Blog (Rustic Elopement) 5/9/2016

-Wedding Chicks (Romantic Rose Wedding) 5/23/2016

-SanDiegoWedding.com (Boho Seaside) 6/3/2016

-BeachBride.com (Boho Seaside) 7/9/2016

-Friar Tux Blog (Pantone Color Wedding) 8/12/2016

-Times-Advocate.com (business section) 9/1/2016

-Food Network's Cake Wars WINNER!! (Powerpuff Girls) 9/12/2016

-NBCSanDiego.com (Entertainment section) 9/14/2016

-TrueViralNews.com 9/15/2016

-Times-Advocate Newspaper 9/22/2016

-Wedding Chicks (Let them eat cake and be rad) 1/9/2017

-SanDiegoWedding.com (Let them eat cake) 1/18/2017

-SatinIce.com Featured Artist 1/25/2017

-SatinIce.com Featured Artist 2/6/2017

-LAWeekly.com (Mini Thanksgiving meal at LA Cookie Con)  2/21/2017

-Times-Advocate Newspaper 2/23/2017

-NBCSanDiego.com 3/5/2017

-Food Network's Cake Wars Champs 2nd Place (Lego) 3/6/2017

-NBCSanDiego.com 3/6/2017

-Cornerstorkbabygifts.com (Baby Girl Stork Cake) 4/18/17

-Cake Shop Podcast (www.CakeShopPodcast.com) 5/15/2017

-GreenWeddingShoes (Helicopter Elopement) 5/17/17

-TheOverwhelmedBride.com (Modern Boho) 6/13/17

-Cake Masters Magazine (cover and page 93) 8/1/17

-Mycakeschool.com (Cutest Baby Shower Cakes) 8/16/17

-Icingimages.com/blog (Featured Artist, Flex Frost Flower Tutorial) 9/1/17

-Popsugar (Let them eat cake and be rad) 11/7/17

-Every Last Detail Blog (LaForgia Wedding) 1/31/18

-LA Cookie Con (Demo Artist) 2/11/18

-SanDiegoWedding.com (Red Wedding) 7/11/18

-Aisle Society (LaForgia Wedding) 8/5/18

-SDVoyager.com 8/27/18

-Cake Masters Magazine (page 80) 12/1/18

-Cake Masters Magazine (pages 79&81) 1/1/19

-Mole Mama Podcast (http://www.molemama.com/podcast) 4/5/19

-Cake Masters Magazine (pages 4 & 23-27) 5/1/19

-Wandering Weddings (Snow Canyon Elopement) 6/6/19

-Something Sweet Online Magazine (WOW cakes Pages 22,23) 9/1/19

-Bajan Wed (Snow Canyon Elopement) 9/3/19

-Cake Masters Magazine (page 61) 1/1/20

-People.com (King Tut cake for Marcela Valladolid) 4/10/20

-Mole Mama Podcast (http://www.molemama.com/podcast) 4/13/20

-Best girl baby shower cake ideas (Stork baby shower cake www.darlingcelebrations.com) 7/14/20

-Bakers Bodega Express Podcast 7/22/20







Featured in

Cake Masters Magazine

9 times!

2nd Place Food Network's Cake Wars Champs 2017

Live Demo at LA Cookie Con 2018

Featured in Burnett's Boards 2016

Featured in LA Weekly-mini Thanksgiving 2017

Winner of Food Network's Cake Wars 2016

Featured in Wedding Chicks 2016

Featured in Cake Masters Magazine 2016

Featured in Green Wedding Shoes 2015

Featured in Cake Masters Magazine 2015

Featured in Wedding Chicks 2015

Featured in Cake Masters Magazine 2015

Featured in Ruffled Blog 2015

Featured in Cake Masters Magazine 2015

Featured in On The Go Bride 2014

Featured in The Bridal Bar 2013

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