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2 pack Edible Glue Pen Brush with refill bottle

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2 pack of the edible glue brush with a 1ounce bottle of the edible glue to refill your pens! (Brush tips may vary, but you will have 1 thinner tip and 1 flat tip) A slightly thinner consistency of the edible glue you know and love, now in a convenient pen brush!! The first squeeze is the hardest, after that the glue comes out easier. The edible glue bottle contains the edible glue with the thinner consistency that is needed to refill your pens. Please do not refill your pen brushes with the regular consistency of edible glue as the regular consistency edible glue is too thick for the pen brush. To refill your pen brush, simple twist off the top of the pen brush (at the thread) and refill your pen brush with the edible glue refill bottle. Only fill your pen brush up to the second indentation from the bottom. (See photo) Do not refill all the way up to the top. Clean off the tip with a clean paper towel before adding the cap on. Condensation is normal during transport. This product is in BETA testing. Please email with any comments and questions you may have.

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