Are your cakes and cupcakes baked from scratch?


YES! Every single cake and cupcake is baked from scratch and fresh to order. Every cake and cupcake is baked with the freshest ingredients. All fillings and frostings are made with real butter and the finest quality extracts. 

Do you have ready made cakes and cupcakes available for pickup?


Unfortunately no. Every cake and cupcake is baked fresh to order so I do not keep them on hand at the moment unless you have placed an order already.

What type of desserts do you offer?


I offer custom cakes, cupcakes, and cake jars only. I do not make cake pops, sugar cookies, macarons, etc. 

How far in advance should I order?


Large orders like weddings, sweet sixteens, and quinceaneras should book 6 months-1 year prior. Smaller orders should book 2-3 months ahead of time. Contacting us ahead of time does not guarantee an opening but your chances are better than ordering last minute. You can always check the availability tab to see if the date you need is avaialble. Smaller orders cannot be booked more than 3 months in advance. 

How can I get a quote?


In order to receive a quote, you will need to email the following: The event date (to see if I'm available), the number of servings (to determine the size and number of tiers needed), and a photo reference (the photo will allow me to see what kind of design and detail you're looking for). I only provide quotes if I have all of the information mentioned above and if I am available for that date. Send inquiries to

How much cake will I need?


How much cake you actually need depends on so many different factors. We can start with how many guests you're anticipating,  and if you're planning on serving other desserts as well, you will need to take that into consideration. I will help you to figure out how many servings you will need based on these factors. 

Do you deliver?


I deliver all large orders such as weddings, sweet sixteens, and quinceaneras. A minimum order of $250 is required for delivery. Delivery fee will vary by delivery address. Delivery 45 minutes and above will have a higher delivery fee. Please inquire about delivery fee by providing the delivery address. Any delivery over 1 hour (one way) will require a $1,000 minimum order. Please provide delivery address for actual delivery fee. You are welcome to pick up small orders. Very large orders and tiered wedding cakes will need to be delivered.

How do I know if my order is booked?


You will know when your order is booked because you have paid a deposit and you will receive an email from me to go over more details such as pickup time, etc. Orders are not booked without a deposit. No exceptions.

Do you do cake tastings?


Yes, I will do cake tastings along with a consultation for orders with 75 servings or above if requested by the client. A cake tasting appointment is required.  Cake tasting fee varies based on number of flavors  you try. Cake tasting will take place in Escondido, CA. Tastings are usually done on Mondays-Wednesdays. If you need a different day, we can try to come up with a date that works for the both of us. Weekends are usually difficult because of the number of deliveries and pickups that take place.

Should I freeze the top tier of my wedding cake?


There was an old tradition of taking the top tier of your wedding cake, freezing it, and eating it on your one year anniversary.  I indeed tried this with my delicious wedding cake and even with it being wrapped up well, it tasted horrible. It was very dry and almost all of the delicious flavor was gone.  In my own personal opinion, I do not recommend it. I think it should be eaten while fresh, moist, and tasty. If you really wish to try this, I would suggest vacuum sealing it. However, I will never guarantee the taste or texture.

What is the biggest cake you've ever done?


The biggest cake I have ever done was for a wedding in July of 2016. The cake was an 8 tier fondant covered cake, adorned with 415 handmade sugar flowers and stood 4.5 feet tall!

Do you teach classes?


 YES! I hold group classes and I also have private classes available. Please check my social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram for details! They will also be listed on my Classes tab. Click here

Do you share your recipes?


Unfortunately I do not share my recipes as they have taken me years to perfect them through trial and error. There are so many different recipes available online. Try them out until you find one you like. If you'd like to make it your own recipe, tweak the recipe to your liking by trying out different measurements of ingredients, or substituting one ingredient for another. Happy Baking!

Do you ship your cakes/cupcakes?


Unfortunately no. Cakes and cupcakes are way too fragile to be shipped and I wouldn't trust the postal service to get it there unharmed. It's not a risk I would take.

What is your pricing on cakes?


Pricing will vary based on size, design, and difficulty. Every cake is a work of art and is uniquely priced based on a variety of aspects. To get a quote on a custom cake, please email with the number of servings needed, and a photo for reference. You may describe the detail as well. Please also include the event date you would need the cake for. Please note that I do not provide quotes unless I am available for your event date.

Do you donate cakes and/or cupcakes to schools, churches, charities, etc?


Although I used to donate to everything I was asked to donate to, my schedule does not allow it anymore. I only donate cakes and cupcakes to families with children who have a critical illnesses/cancer/etc through Icing Smiles. To learn more about Icing Smiles and their non profit organization, Click here.

Are you hiring?


At this moment I am not hiring. I am a one woman show. When I do open a store front bakery in the future,  I will be on the look out for the next great baker/cake artist!

How do I cut a custom cake?


Please take a look at this cake cutting chart photo and video below I have made to aid you in cutting tall custom cakes. I have cut tall cakes several different ways and this is by far the easiest way and it maximizes the number of servings you will get. Feel free to save this cake cutting guide to use when cutting cakes. 

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